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Aw man, it's the last part. In which it all ends. OR DOES IT? (LOL, yes, it does.)

NC-17 (and if I do say so myself, I f'ing love this one), 9,228 words (blargh, my god, I'm so sorry flist!), and Introspective Moments. And a lot of Ichigo. :D?

( Fuck, sorry for this. Click for part 2! )
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Title: Other Side Of The Looking Glass.
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo (varying POVs).
Rating: NC-17 overall.
Genre: Bits of everything: drama, romance, humor, angst, fluff. There's even a giant battle scene smack in the middle. Heck, there's a plot.
Word Count: 39,200 words overall.
Beta: The truly amazing [info]vayshti. I never could've done it without you, and if you ever need anything, I would gladly give you kidneys and delicious babies.

Setting: This is an AU fic in which there is no Hougyoku - meaning Rukia was able to regain her powers after giving them to Ichigo, and stayed in the living world for six months. With her and Urahara's training, Ichigo became immensely powerful, achieving bankai and protecting the town alongside the legal shinigami. Though after six months, Aizen executed his plan without the Hougyoku and left for Hueco Mundo, leaving Soul Society in chaos. Rukia was beamed up and replaced with a higher ranking officer. Guess who.

A/N: I have many to thank for this achievement: Lee, for the MSN convo that started this whole thing (though you probably don't remember), Helen, for the sex (okay, that sounded wrong), Yael, for the fluff (see, I kept it!), Gel, for existing (and helping with meltdowns), and finally - my beta, for giving it the last gigantic push (kidneys and babies).

Part I – PG | 8,600 words | Let's start      
Part II – R | 7,037 words | Let's gay          
Part III – PG-13 | 7,940 words | Let's fight 
Part IV – NC-17 | 6,666 words | Let's fuck
Part V – NC-17 | 9,222 words | Let's end 

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Hi there! Say hello to part IV, which can only be summed up as OMG FIRST TIME.
NC-17, 6,666 words!
I know it's short (and only has, like, three scenes), but it's the part before last, so I'm saving the good stuff for the monster that is Part V.

Let's roll!

( Click for part 2 )
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What have we here? Oh, I know! It's part III! In which we have sexy clothes (did anyone not see this coming?), guys from Final Fantasy VII, battlebattlebattle, and Hisagi Shuuhei.
PG-13 (WTF I'm going backwards), and 7,940 words!
Let the funandthennotsofuntimes commence!

( Click for part 2 )
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Boy howdy, it's the second part of Other Side Of The Looking Glass!
I want to thank you, commenters, you've certainly warmed this girl's heart and made her want to squish things for the past few days. I give cookies (WTF I wrote "cockies" at first) to you all. So eat, bitches!

Anyway, this time we have ship goin's, pondering, R, and 7,036 words (yes, that means a "part 2" post, [ profile] babyluw)!

Click for part 1 )
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Welcome to my bundle of torturous joy, the AUT, or: Other Side Of The Looking Glass, a fic of many genres and words and personal kinks and five chapters.
This is the first chapter: PG (relax, this is a longfic, we have time), and 8,600 words.

Longfic is long, away!


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