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As promised, fic!

So, there have been two awesome oneliner-prompt parties One Sentence Fic Challenges over at [ profile] bleach_muses, in this and this post (you should check out some of the entries, they were really awesome [[ profile] bleach_muses-locked, sorry]), where I have discovered just how run-on run-on sentences could get. Also, that ONELINERS ARE THE SHIT I CAN'T STOP.

Long story short, twenty four oneliners under the cut. (Rating varies from PG to NC-17.)


Renji/Ichigo )

Other pairings )

Until the next challenge!
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Title: Fire, Water, Burn.
Pairing: Renji/Byakuya (Byakuya POV).
Rating: NC-17.
Word count: 5,270 words (HOLY FUCK).
Summary: Byakuya used to be a tightly sealed vault, and Renji used to be an open book.

A/N: I-I hope this isn't too long for [info]senkaimon, I just got ridiculously carried away. I blame the smut. Undoubtedly. I dislike this pairing. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT. (Also. The Kuchikis are fucking homewreckers.) (Also. [ profile] drabbleandfluff, we shall speak of this no more >:{)

( Click for part 2 )
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Title: Inside Out.
Author: Spiky.
Genre: Delicious mindfuck.
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: Hollow!Ichigo/Ichigo (Hichigo POV [I know WTF]).
Prompt: "Share", at [info]bleachhedonism.
Warning: er, blood.
Word Count:
2,500 words.
The Hollow could picture him – in his bed, assaulted by countless echoes he couldn't see, sweating, writhing.

A/N: Never imagined I'd touch this complex dark pairing D: I'm not even sure this is eligible for BH since, to me, it's much more creepy than it is sexy *faaails*
Also, this totally disregards filler. FUCK, did you see it? Even Ivory Emovillain was like "hurr, your relationship with your hollow is inappropriate >:{".

Comments are love!


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Title: Aphrodisiac.
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo (Ichigo POV).
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Quicky, half-assed PWP.
Prompt: "Aphrodisiac", at [info]bleachhedonism.
Word Count: 2,900 (I swear one of these days I'm gonna run out of adjectives for Renji's anatomy).
He was overwhelmed with the need to breathe more of Renji in, to taste his neck, his pulse. To make it thump.

A/N: So, Ichigo's may be a little more dom than I usually have him ;XD
Could be considered in the Before We Start Thinking Again 'verse!
*Hopefully I've managed to pretend I'd captured how aphrodisiacs sometimes... posses you. EVERYBODY, LET'S JOIN [ profile] bleachhedonism! Fun prompts, man, fun prompts.

Comments are love!

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Title: While We Wait.
Author: Spiky.
Characters: Shinji, Hiyori (Shinji POV).
Rating: PG-13, for cursing.
Word count: 1,070 words (at least they're getting shorter).
There was no prize for the winner, no smack for the loser, and they always cheated, anyway.

A/N: EPIC FAIL for [info]senkaimon. I am so ashamed, I don't even

"A kido barrier will not be breached by your shoe!" )
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Title: Renji! Ichigo! Sex!
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo (Ichigo POV).
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: PWP. Again :P
Prompt: "Ichigo", at [ profile] bleachhedonism.
Word Count: 4,040.
“Damn, it is salty,” he noted, and would hold the feral something accountable for what he was about to suggest next.

A/N: Meet the sexed-up epilogue to the “Summer! Sea! Swimsuit festival!” phenomena, or the original, anti-Hollow watermelons-free - Bleach at the Beach. (I really tried to write from Renji's POV so it'll be more Ichigo-centric, but It's too much fun to fangirl Renji ;XD) Enjoy, peeps.

Comments are love!

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Title: Glass Shreds.
Author: Spiky.
Pairings: Uryuu/Orihime (Uryuu POV).
Rating: G.
Word count: 1,100 (more than there should ever be written about a guy who loves Orihime) words.
Summary: She was broken, beautifully broken. No, she was beautiful.

A/N: Takes place after the Lust arc. Also, OH GOD, THE HET, GET IT OFF ME! Another [ profile] senkaimon entry. I'm sorry for traumatizing you, f-list, but to be fair, I've been fairly traumatized myself by this challenge. So soft and purple, jeez D:
Now one more for [ profile] bleachhedonism, and then I'm out for the month, I swear!

( She looked almost as broken down as Uryuu imagined he currently was. )
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Title: Everything You Ever.
Author: Spiky.

Genre: Angst.
Rating: G.
Pairings: Chad/Ichigo (Chad POV).
Word count: 940 words.
Summary: Chad was fourteen when he fell in love with his best friend, but no one would have believed it.
A/N: Takes place during the HM arc. Also, WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED I FUCKING DISLIKE THIS SHIP never again to touch this pairing ever again. This was written for the Multi-Pairing Fanfic Contest over at [ profile] senkaimon. IDEK.

( It was Ichigo Kurosaki that had taught him to be even better. )
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Title: Best Candy In The World.
Author: Spiky.
Genre: Humor.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Urahara/Ichigo (Ichigo POV).
Prompt: Sweet candy shop (guess where I went with this).
Word Count:
Summary: Ichigo had to have it now.

A/N: DON'T JUDGE ME. This was written for the Sweet Candy Shop contest over at the new [ profile] uraichi comm. Will cross-post after the contest'll close. Wish me luck, f-list!

Also, special thanks to my half-conscious substitute beta, [info]doxa_the_muffin!


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