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Title: Five Things Dr. Abarai Shouldn't Have Done
Beta & Amazing: [ profile] pb_cookie <3 (Seriously, this chick is awesome.)
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo, with a little dose of Renji/Rukia (oh, god) and Renji/Shuuhei (Renji POV).
Rating: PG.
AU: Dr. Abarai fuck yeah. (May use it for my bingo card. I'll decide tomorrow.)
For: RENJI FUCKING ABARAI'S BIRTHDAY! Let's fucking party for the guy who's made most of our lives that much sweeter, yes?
Word count: ~2000 words.

Summary: It was screwed up, and he shouldn’t have done that, and it was all Ichigo's fault. The title pretty much says it all.

A/N: GUYS, THIS IS NOT PRETTY. It was originally written in Hebrew for a Five Things/speed writing challenge, then quicky-translated, and then quicky-posted, so OVERALL, NOT MUCH WORK HAS BEEN GIVEN THIS FIC. (That includes research. All inaccuracies are mine!)
However, it's Renji's birthday, and I could not bear not posting anything. I love you, man. I hope you'll enjoy it anyway! Look, Renji the tattooed doctor! *runs*


Five thing Renji shouldn't have done, and one person he did. )

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Title: A Certain Impression.
Pairing: Shunsui/Ukitake (Shunsui POV).
Rating: G.
AU: random human universe.
For: [ profile] ravens_rising . You're so awesome I could cry. You deserve a gigantic book filled with ShunUki AUs, Sherlock Holmes catchphrases, Adam Lambert CDs, and Spock ears. I love you like a care bear with dirty thoughts.
Word count: 670 words.

Summary: And why wouldn't they assume Shunsui, the showy literature professor, and Ukitake, the cheery student advisor, were lovers, out and proud?

A/N: So, this wasn't planned! Like, at all. (Therefore, unbeta'd. Don't eat me alive!) I wrote it in two hours because Rae is my best friend evers. It was really supposed to be... short and cheery, but then I just couldn't not make it angsty with these two (they also let me use terms like soul mates!). It was fun to do this after the huge stupid!fic, though :D
Anyway, enjoy!

"All these things just make a certain impression." )
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Title: Light For The Deadvine (Cowboy Chronicles: Book One)
Authors: Spiky & [ profile] ravens_rising
Betas: [ profile] rii_no_ame  & [ profile] cmc42

Ukitake/Shunsui, hints of Renji/Ichigo I've managed sneaking in 8D
Rating: PG-13 for this book.
Word Count: 29,000 words, six chapters and an epilogue.

Summary: It's the Wild West, and for the past five years, Shunsui Kyouraku, saloon owner and former vigilante, has been trying to stay away from trouble and lead a quiet life. When the cowboy Jyuushirou Ukitake, Shunsui's former partner, returns to the Rose-Colored Path Saloon asking for help, Shunsui knows trouble is right around the corner. Complicated emotions linger between the two men, and they discover that their new quest may be their most difficult in more ways than one.

Written for [ profile] au_bigbang 2010!

A/N: So, this is what I've been up to for these past few months! Another longfic, another cool AU, and another awesome adventure with Rae :D Have I mentioned the beautiful art we got? OH, YES.
I hope you guys will enjoy it, it took a hell of a lot of effort and we nearly exploded posting it all last night. The icon I've used for posting the epilogue was quite appropriate. Are you ready?

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As promised, fic!

So, there have been two awesome oneliner-prompt parties One Sentence Fic Challenges over at [ profile] bleach_muses, in this and this post (you should check out some of the entries, they were really awesome [[ profile] bleach_muses-locked, sorry]), where I have discovered just how run-on run-on sentences could get. Also, that ONELINERS ARE THE SHIT I CAN'T STOP.

Long story short, twenty four oneliners under the cut. (Rating varies from PG to NC-17.)


Renji/Ichigo )

Other pairings )

Until the next challenge!
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Title: Well-secluded: II!
Beta: [ profile] goldensprite. ILU FOREVER, SHINYFACE.
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo (Ichigo POV).
Rating: NC-17.
For: [ profile] figaro_figaro, all the way. It's been in the works ever since you'd given me the phone sex prompt a forever ago :D (which explains the length T_T). Plus you're awesome :3
Word Count: 5,000.

Summary: Letting go of his cock to answer the phone had been enough of a feat, he didn't think he could handle the sound of the coarse redhead saying his name.

A/N: The unexpected sequel of the voyeur fic! if it becomes a series I'm gonna kick myself
Oh yes, this was hella fun. It's been so weird to write such a kink, but I think it turned out great and I hope you all will enjoy it :D (oh god, [info]pb_cookie, Ukeface is such a good little ukeface in this one, felt a little dirty).

"Didn't think you liked being bossed around in bed," Renji added. "This should be fun." )
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Title: Icing On The Cake.
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo (Ichigo POV).
Rating: NC-17.
For: The lovely [ profile] cmc42's birthday, of course!

Prompt: Foodplay - "This has ta be one of the weirdest ideas you've had." (OH YES.)
Word Count: 4,050!
Beta: [ profile] pb_cookie oh my the love is flowing :D and [ profile] goldensprite ffff-

Summary: "Didn't know you liked chocolate," Renji eventually said, his mouth forming a smirk, because he knew it wasn't just the chocolate, and… and we're in a kitchen.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAIRE-SAN~ I bring you a slice of porn, some cake, and many LJ hearts! (Here's hoping you lost your shit when you saw the prompt. I worked hard, too! :D)

When he licked the puffed area, though, he could swear it tasted… sweeter. )
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Title: Getting Intimate.
Beta: Goldensprite how sexy.
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo (Renji POV).
Rating: PG-13 I KNOW.
For: Zealot1138's birthday! I fear I couldn't write decent porn in time, so here's some RenIchi fluff :3
Word Count:

Summary: "I don't know how you always find something to bitch about, even when you're half-asleep and this is the first time you've seen me in two weeks." And a half.

A/N: So, my prompt was, "Fun with filler." And I checked out zealot's youtube page. And you know I went there.
Happy birthday, lovely~! And many more yaoi-filled days :D (Hopefully better yaoi than what I have to offer ATM d;shgdfsg.) Also, BIG THANKS to pb_cookie

Enjoy! :D

"I… it's, uh, nice that you're here," Ichigo muttered eventually. )
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Title: The Thrilling Adventures of Renjiman and Karakuraizer
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo (Renji POV).
Rating: NC-17 overall.
Genre: Crack, plot, and fun.
Word Count: 18,000 words, 6 chapters.
Beta: The amazingly fantastic [ profile] goldensprite, who's just been so fucking awesome this past week. Best beta I could ask for <3

AU Setting: Being a superhero was hard enough without impending doom, thank you very much. Will Renjiman and Karakuraizer prevail? Will the streets ever be safe again? Will Renji finally get in Ichigo's spandex? All this and more...

A/N: The magical tale of Renjiman is almost as magical as Renjiman's cock. It started out as a gag, obviously, and then took the leap from my brain to my LJ with the help of Figaro. Then obviously Rae sniffed the AU and wanted in on the fun. Goldensprite made it 30% more sparkles and fun, the commenters made me smile, and Gel was fucking badass herself. My insane brain did the rest of the work.
Now, I present to you a month's worth of hard work: one of the many thrilling adventures of two manly superheroes in a world of awesome and win!

Prologue - PG-13 | 720 words
Chapter 1 – PG-13 | 2,100 words | In which Renjiman meets friends and Ichigo sulks
Chapter 2 – PG-13 | 2,220 words | In which exciting occurrences occur
Chapter 3 – PG-13 | 1,550 words | In which the forces of good kick ass
Chapter 4 – PG-13 | 3,000 words | In which trouble is met
Chapter 5 – PG-13 | 3,000 words | In which climax is had
Chapter 6NC-17 | 4,700 words | In which climax is had again and again
Epilogue - PG-13 | 570 words

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Title: The Thrilling Adventures of Renjiman and Karakuraizer - Epilogue
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 570 words.
For: Everyone who've helped me see this through: Rae, Goldensprite, Figaro, PB_Cookie, and Renjiman himself who gave me a visit the other day sdjdfglh. I love you all to teeny tiny bits *___*
Beta: Goldensprite forever nngh

A/N: And so the thrilling adventure ends! Justice has been served, the streets are safe once again, and our brave heroes finally got some. Next time! A frightening new Villain threatens to take over the world? Sounds like a job for Renjima - OH GOD I CAN'T DO THIS. JUST READ THE FUCKING EPILOGUE. NO MORE.

Chapter 6
, in case you missed it :D

Then it's Renjiman and Karakuraizer, away. )
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Title: The Thrilling Adventures of Renjiman and Karakuraizer: 6
Word Count: 4,700 words. Blame Betaman :D
For: FIGARO'S BIRTHDAY! This whole fic was pretty much for you, so here's the porn on your special day :D Hope you have fun!
Beta: Goldensprite UNF

A/N: Aaaaand we're done! I'll just shut up and let you all buckle up. YES COOKIE THERE IS ~SPANDEX~. NC-RENJIMAN FTW-
Ooh, before I forget - I've uploaded my favorite Sexy Playlist for figaro_figaro, so I figured why not share it here too? Have fun! (credit for most of it goes to PANTERA, who rocks my world every damn day. ILU cHOSEN.)

Chapter 5
, in case you missed it!

Great, I'm fucking the Hero with the magical cock. )
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