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As promised, fic!

So, there have been two awesome oneliner-prompt parties One Sentence Fic Challenges over at [ profile] bleach_muses, in this and this post (you should check out some of the entries, they were really awesome [[ profile] bleach_muses-locked, sorry]), where I have discovered just how run-on run-on sentences could get. Also, that ONELINERS ARE THE SHIT I CAN'T STOP.

Long story short, twenty four oneliners under the cut. (Rating varies from PG to NC-17.)



Renji used to be in awe of the way Ichigo struck down enemies—swinging his sword with measured precision, with endless concentration, with resolve and so much raw force behind it Renji thought he would burn up, or maybe dissipate into soul particles—but now that Ichigo has asked Renji to strike him, he realizes it's not to inspire awe; it's just as much a part of him as Renji now is.


The first time Ichigo's sword meets your skin, you think; he got lucky, and; that's the last time, and you brush it off and call upon Zabimaru to teach the kid the only lesson he's ever needed to learn—you can't win 'em all—yet when Zangetsu pierces your flesh and annihilates you with one strike, you realize you have a lot to learn, and, well, you try not to think about it.


Ichigo's pretty sure it was a prank that led to Renji getting shackled to his bedroom wall, but that doesn't mean Ichigo won't be very, very serious when he undresses him.


Since Ichigo's friends have asked Renji whether the two of them had "gotten intimate" yet, Renji's been contemplating the answer, not sure whether they're really "intimate" when they fuck—when Ichigo arches beneath him, panting and shaking, scratching Renji's arms and still asking for more, for harder, for let me—or when they kiss—Renji's hands everywhere on Ichigo's body, trying to keep him as close as possible while Ichigo moans and thrusts his tongue into Renji's mouth—or maybe when they sleep together—Ichigo wrapping himself around Renji's sweaty body like he'd be lost otherwise—but in the end Renji knows they're only intimate when they fight side by side; when they feed off each other's energies and know they'll make it, somehow.


Renji first realizes just how wrong their relationship is on Ichigo's eighteenth birthday, when the only way he manages shutting Ichigo up about Renji finally not being a pedophile, is to yell that Ichigo will still be a necrophile.

Yaw: Pirate AU Teaser

Renji never stopped to wonder, even as he turned his pirate ship around after noticing what might have been the ship that belonged to that orange-haired brat he'd recently fought (not that he'd been obsessing since then, mind you), what else might swerve off course in the process.

Obsession: College Gamers AU Teaser

After around three months of mental preparations and four paychecks saved up, Renji thought he'd be ready for anything on the PlayStation 3 release date (the real one)—yet he'd never imagined the cash would be half his and half Ichigo's, that the master plan would be to set the console up in their apartment, and that Ichigo would stand so close to him in the freezing, waiting-outdoors-the-night-before-like-insane-obsessed-people queue, hissing everything between: "I think it's even worse than last year's Christmas mess", "look at that crazy brat, trying to cut in line" and "would you fucking stand still and keep me warm already?"


At first Renji thought Ichigo was just having trouble adjusting to the weather, after such a long time in the sunless Hueco Mundo, but after learning the real reason Ichigo was still shivering—nothing to fend off the cold when you're hollow—he knew he had a long way to go to keep Ichigo warm.


Renji couldn't help but think, whether in the height of passion or the brutality of battle (the two always connected in his mind, the only things that made his senses burn and his pulse sky-rocket, when everything but him and his partner ceased to exist), that only around Ichigo was he ever so close to death at any given moment—and yet so alive he wouldn't know what to do without him.


Ichigo never believed Renji had bought the new sheets just because they felt nice to sleep in (he never complained, either; it felt like they were fucking midair when Renji pushed him against the satin and wrapped his lips around the head of his cock, the soft fabric gripped between Ichigo's fingers like Renji's hair—red, as well).


They said blood tasted like iron—foul and unhealthy and dead—but when Ichigo tasted his own after too many punches to the gut, the strong, unrelenting, almost burning taste reminded him of sparring matches with Renji, and he figured he could get used to it.

Desperate (character death)

Just as he has desperately torn Ichigo's clothes off and kissed him like it was their last chance, because he thought it just might be, Renji is now fighting through his grief; because he was right, for once, and now all hope is lost—for him, at least.


He wakes up to find Ichigo already crouching above him, staring down at Renji's back like it's the most fascinating thing in the world; when Ichigo lowers his head, slowly, and runs his tongue over each black line entwining on Renji's lower back, his eyes still dark and riveted, it looks as though Ichigo's tongue is a paintbrush and Renji's skin is a masterpiece.


Sometimes, it seemed like the entire world was made only to indulge Ichigo Kurosaki: every fight won and every deathtrap escaped by a hair's breadth and every successful rescue were all made possible just because Ichigo wanted it badly enough, yet when the war ended and the first thing Renji did was to kiss him, Renji wondered if maybe he'd been the indulgent one just by tagging along all this time.


If Ichigo hadn't been able to see the dead, he would have thought Renji was haunting him, as it seemed he couldn't escape the ghosts of the other's touch—his presence—even when Renji was in a different fucking plane of existence: he swore he could feel Renji's dark, narrow eyes fixed on his everywhere he went, like the way they had drunk him in when Renji first stripped him with fast hands; feel the flutter of wet fingers or hot lips running down his spine with every gust of wind; feel silky, long hair brushing his inner thighs when he undressed; and finally, when Ichigo couldn't take it anymore and jerked off in his bed, he was able to feel Renji's hand splayed on his lower back the way it had when Renji was pulling him closer, helping him thrust his hips in a desperate rhythm, feel hot breaths crashing on his sweaty skin like they did when Renji whispered in his ear the dirty little things he loved saying so much—and when Ichigo came with Renji's name on his lips, he knew two months were just too fucking much (and that he'd be dead meat if the bastard ever found out Ichigo had been hallucinating about him).


"You're acting like I got myself beaten up just to get your attention. Stop worryin' already, it's givin' me a headache," Renji said, but his voice was raspy even for him, and the blood-soaked bandages wrapped tightly around his arm meant Ichigo didn't give a shit about any argument Renji might have had against it; he would stay right there at the Fourth Division until the idiot he was sleeping with (for reasons he couldn't recall at that particular moment) was up and running again, even if it meant gagging him.


Ichigo used to drive Renji insane with his nails, when both men were that close to the edge and just kept going (they had never been very good at delaying gratification), and Ichigo was so lost in himself he just grabbed Renji like a vise, his blunt fingernails biting into Renji's back or arms (or sometimes even his thighs, if he was lucky enough and they were in the right position), but now that Ichigo learned a new trick—gripping Renji's hair and yanking at the perfect fucking time—Renji realized he didn't know the half of it.


"I didn't ask why they've videotaped themselves fuck, Ichigo, I asked how," Renji clarified, his voice a low purr by that point, and Ichigo didn't know whether it made Renji's earlier discovery of Internet porn more or less horrifying (though, the way he said Ichigo's name, accompanied by that look with that smirk, definitely helped him decide).


Ichigo seemed to be shadowboxing—his zanpakutou's spirit (Zangetsu, Renji had learned) going too fast even for Renji's trained eyes—swinging a different sword each time Renji took a peek, and it would have looked ridiculous if Renji hadn't noticed that Ichigo was improving, too, if at one point Renji hadn't lost both Ichigo and Zangetsu, and he was the one left chasing some imaginary goal, but when Renji finally laid eyes on Hihio Zabimaru, feeling accomplished and powerful and a hand clamping on his shoulder—Ichigo, saying without words something between "Good job, asshole" and "Now is my turn, don't worry"—he didn't feel so alone.


Renji was mostly sure it wouldn't have come to this if he hadn't been so drunk, yet that didn't change his unexpectedly quick reply to the question, "How come you were all over me while we were tryin' to kill that hollow?", the answer to which being pretty much the stupidest thing Renji could have admitted—"Because I wanna fuck you six ways to Sunday, you sexy moron"—however, he was really sure Ichigo being so drunk was the factor that made the repressed brat mutter, "Smooth, jackass," and pull himself onto Renji's lap.

Seduction: Renji/Shuuhei

He knew Kira would be shocked, that Momo would probably think badly of Hisagi-senpai for so obviously seducing Renji, but neither of them knew that what had led Renji and Shuuhei to hook up in the first place had been a binge, after the kōhai had finally worked up the courage to buy his senpai a round of sake—surprisingly (or not) little words were exchanged between that and the naked part—"Why are you looking at me like that, Abarai?"—"You're leavin' the Academy soon, aren't ya?"—"And?"—"Got any wishes to fulfill while ya still can?"—"Have you?"

Hat: Shunsui/Ukitake

If Shunsui had thought losing his straw hat made that day the most traumatic one in all his life, after finding it in the 13th Division barracks on top of the division's Captain and hearing the reasoning behind the wretched theft—scents tend to make the imagination more vivid—Shunsui would have liked to amend that to the luckiest day in all his life.

Star: Shuuhei (character death)

He didn't think of Shuuhei as a blinding force, a glaring presence that could not be denied, or even as the trusty, stable rock they all used to think he was; he thought of him as the shadows cast as Shuuhei moved in the night—fast and graceful and determined, powerful enough to turn out the starlight—but now the stars were streaked with blood (or maybe it was his eyes?) and Renji wondered whether he was dishonoring the dead.

Monument: Renji angst

Renji never thought he'd be the first to go—Rukongai rats who break loose from the streets are tougher, Ikakku kept saying when Renji was with the Eleventh Division, they're always harder to get rid of—but once he finally escaped from Hueco Mundo to find the Seireitei a burning monument of everything he'd once known, for a moment, he silently wished he had been.
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Until the next challenge!

on 2010-05-04 02:38 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
gafjg I can't get my mind around one-liners, they take too much damn effort XD But I made it this far Renji first realizes just how wrong their relationship is on Ichigo's eighteenth birthday, when the only way he manages shutting Ichigo up about Renji finally not being a pedophile, is to yell that Ichigo will still be a necrophile. and I lold. And I'm calling it good XD


on 2010-05-04 06:38 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Fff I know but then I discovered they were addictive :D

Thanks for commenting! ^^

on 2010-05-04 11:38 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I have a few things to tell you my dear~
First! IT WAS YOU WHO HAD THAT ICON!!! I've had that quote in my mind for years! Man, it's good to see it again, I fucking love it.

And, when did you do that smexy Renji instalment there? <3 He looks too good out.

Then, Educate, I can see the smirk on Renjis face when he notices that first scratch. And how it, from the inside, dawns on him that it wasn't just a lucky strike. And just, perfect.

And Intimate, just love all over the place, at first I was a little 'where's she going with this?' but, the end. Just tells how much more they are to each other.

And Youth, I've pulled that necrophile joke one to manny times. xD But I still love it.

And then there's the teasers! Baby I don't wanna! Fuycking tease >_> But that gamers AU is still the one I'm looking forward to the most. They're gamers! My love for gamers have always been a little bit too strong.

And then, Shiver. My fav of them all, I think you can guess why xD but, clever, I hadn't even thought about somehting like that and I find it... fascinating.

And I feel like I should stop, and that I don't have much more to say but, I just want to put big golden stars on Pulse, Satin, Seduction and Har - cause I liked those just a little bit more too <3<3

on 2010-05-04 06:55 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Haha, I've added the icon so randomly; I'm glad you fucking love it ^^

If you mean the one on the sidebar, I've added it just the other day, after finding the fuckingly hot fanart. Omnomnom.

*puts big golden star on you* thank you very much, bb! ♥

on 2010-05-04 06:16 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Can't complain now, can you?

Most of them were pretty good, even though I dislike and hardly know the fandom.
However - It's really annoying that you write in present tense. For some reason, I just can't read anything that is in present tense.
Also, the "Metallic" one - You made the one mistake that really makes me mad and is too common in literature: Blood does not taste like copper. It doesn't have copper in it. It can't have copper in it. If there were any copper in it, out blood would be blue. Blood has iron in it and it tastes like iron.

Aside from that, no complaints that I can think of.

on 2010-05-04 06:44 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
*swoons* You did it! ♥ FROZEN YOGURT FOR YOU.
We are so doing that porn roulette thingy.

Thank you for the crit and the comment, you know how much I appreciate them. *goes to change underwear*

on 2010-05-04 07:05 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Yesss! (Porn, woohoo!)

Oh, I do. More than I wanted to.

on 2010-05-06 03:34 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Yay! As I'm sure you know from reading what I write, I dearly love long sentences (much to gwoman's chagrin). I love them so much that William Faulkner is one of my favorite authors...I think he's written some of the longest sentences I've ever read. Yum!

I liked Intimate and Satin because they were both so deliciously smexy, but my absolute favorite of the group? Paint. It's perfect - starts off slow and draws you in, then you get into some deliciously smexy action and then the punchline. I agree - it is a masterpiece. :D

on 2010-05-06 01:20 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Aww, thank you very much! :D


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